The Frazers Group is a feed technology company.

We offer pioneering products and technical services maintaining our proven reputation for efficient and comprehensive customer delivery.

Animal Feeds, Pigeon Feed & Seed, Animal Supplements and Food Grade.

Propionic Acid, non-corrosive Propionic
Acid and Eureaka.

Decanting, Labelling, Distribution & Storage, Dropshipping & Fulfilment.

Our Story

At Frazers we make it our mission to source only the best quality assured raw materials for use in all of our products.

We are dedicated to ensuring our products are always on the cutting edge to give you the winning edge. Our customers are at the core of our business and our devoted team at Frazers are here to help you get the most from all our products.

Frazers Animal Feeds is an Agricultural Merchant Business Manufacturing Quality Animal Feed Since 1990. Our dedicated team of people work together with outside specialists to offer on-farm consultations for guidance on optimum feeding & management programmes.

Frazers Agrochem provides sourcing and delivery solutions for chemicals and additives for the agri sector. This includes full adherence to all statutory regulations for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Frazers Packaging offers a range of different packaging solutions. Between our automated filling machines and our customized processes, you can count on Frazers Agrochem for all your liquid or dry chemical packaging needs.

The Frazers Group Brand Standard

At The Frazers Group we make it our mission to source and deliver only the best.

Our customers are at the core of our business and our devoted team at The Frazers Group are here to help you get the most from our products and services so we can ensure our brand is always at the cutting edge to give you an advantage.

Our Responsibility

At Frazers we are commited to ensuring that we occupy a responsible place within the food chain.

Frazers Animal Feeds is a UFAS/Food Fortress approved supplier of feeds to some of the leading dairy, beef and sheep herds throughout the province. Rations are based around only top quality raw materials, supplemented with premium mineral and vitamin packages.

Strategic Sampling and Testing

The Frazers Group focuses on delivering continual consistent quality to our customers. To achieve this, extensive internal Quality Control systems are in place, which has allowed us to develop full traceability of all manufactured products. Daily routine (and spot check) samples are taken from both incoming raw materials and our own finished products, for laboratory testing & external analysis. This seeks to provide assurance to our customers that standards are maintained and therefore allow them to develop confidence in our products and our advice.


We seek to make continuous improvement in our own environmental performance, indentifying waste reduction, re-use and recycling wherever possible and economically feasable.

Sustainable Development

The Frazers Group continues to be committed to the long-term protection of the environment and encouraging sustainable development. We are commited to ensuring that we occupy a responsible place within the food chain.

Quality Assured

Through the Food Fortress, Agricultural Industries Confederation & Universal Feed Assurance Scheme. Quality, consistency and peace of mind guaranteed.

Food Fortress Assured

Through an industry-wide program of strategic sampling and testing we co-operate to reduce the risk from the principal contaminants which threaten this chain. The program is the most advanced of it's kind anywhere in the world and is supported by the Institute of Global Food Security at Queens University, Belfast.

Agricultural Industries Confederation Assured

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has over 260 Members in the agri-supply trade and represents £8.0 billion turnover at farmgate. It represents a number of sectors within the agrisupply sector including: Animal Feed; Crop Protection and Agronomy; Fertilisers; Grain and Oilseeds; Seed.

Universal Feed Assurance Scheme assured.

UFAS is based on HACCP principles, a system originally pioneered by space agency NASA, but now forming the bedrock of EU Food and Feed legislation. The scheme is audited and certified by an independent certification body, in accordance with the internationally recognised standard EN45011.