The Frazers Group is a third generation, family-owned and managed company based outside Banbridge, Co Down, Northern Ireland.

It All Began In 1974

Frazers Feeds started when Andrew (Drew) Frazer began mixing feed for his own use, in an effort to reduce costs in his poultry business back in 1974. His work soon became known in the area, and local farmers began to ask if he would make feed for them as well.

Since then the business has grown to supplying animal feed and related products all over Ireland. We pride ourselves on providing affordable feeds that offers excellent results and a friendly and reliable service. A team of qualified nutritionists are available to advise our customers and ensure that our products continue to be the best that money can buy.

Our Journey

Over the years Frazers have developed and specialised in the feed sector to Import/Export of seeds, grains and pulses and finished mixes/products.

We also have developed separate feed & food sector facilities providing professional solutions offering in-house labelling, packaging, storage and distribution to global markets and customers.

The Frazers Group Today

The Frazers Group now plays an important part in the food chain. Every day helping our customers to achieve more success through our commitment to providing a rapid, efficient and comprehensive service, whatever their requirements.

To do this, we use the latest technology and we satisfy the most rigorous standards of quality control distributing an extensive range of agrochemical material, food and feed ingredients.