Frazers Feeds is a family run Agricultural Merchant Business manufacturing quality Animal Feed since 1990. We concentrate on supplying top quality products backed up by sound technical advice to ensure our customers reap the benefits.

AIC & UFAS Compliant

Frazers Feeds offers up to date products and advice supported by and approved by the Agricultural Industry Confederation (AIC) Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS). 

Current legal and consumer demands leave no room for risk taking in food quality and safety. Long term partnerships with selected suppliers ensures the consistent supplies of quality assured raw materials from home and abroad.

Having this network in place allows us to supply customers with products that always match or exceed their expectations. Using these long-standing relationships, we can benefit from expert market knowledge and pass on the good value derived from this to our customers.

Frazers Expertise

Frazers Feeds offers expertise in feed production and formulation across its range of feeds to include Dairy, Sheep, Cattle, Equestrian, Poultry, Small Bird, Pet and Pigeon Feed.

Rations are based around only top quality raw materials, supplemented with premium mineral and vitamin packages. Contact us for more information about our products.


All our raw materials are purchased from approved suppliers who are members of FEMAS, GMP+ or an equivalent approved scheme, this ensures the integrity and traceability of the Raw Materials supplied to Frazers Feeds.

Cereals are purchased through merchants, as well as direct from our farmer customers. All cereal purchased is from members of the various farm assured schemes. All cereal loads must be accompanied by a harvest declaration passport, which is reviewed to ensure it is completed correctly before the load is accepted. A comprehensive analysis programme is in place to quality test raw materials, either on site or external laboratories.


All the finished products are subjected to tests to check both their physical and nutritional quality.

To ensure full traceability, each finished product generates a unique batch number. Finished product samples are taken from each production run and, where relevant, the sample is then passed to our laboratory where it's nutritional quality is checked. All results are recorded within a database.

We continuously develop our Quality Control Procedures to ensure our products consistently meet our stringent nutritional and physical specification.


The Frazers Group work with hauliers who share the same vision in the drive for quality and efficiency to ensure all animal feed reaches the customer in the way it left the mill.

Our transport abides by the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC) codes of practice for animal feeds.


Undisputed quality since 1970.

Our feed is manufactured with the latest scientific knowledge in avian nutrition. The best seeds, grains, pulses and corns are sourced for optimal performance.

We set strict quality standards and upon receipt of the ingredients we carry out extensive quality checks before taking them into our production line. When you're raising a pigeon to compete, you want to be sure that they're getting the optimum nutrition.

Frazers Feeds has many high quality equine feeds available, specially formulated for every horse’s individual needs. All of our equine feeds are manufactured in our medication-free facility and ration formulation is performed using industry leading software and technology by experienced equestrian staff.

At Frazers Feeds we are available to assist individual horse owners, stable owners and/or managers in making the right decision for each horse they are feeding, considering forage quality, exercise level, breed and age. Customized rations are also available and are available in bulk, bags or totes.

We offer a wide range of wild bird seed mixes carefully tested to ensure they suit a wide range of garden birds.

Our range includes ground, table and hanging feeding mixes. We supply standard mixes, our deluxe mixed husk free no mess range and our ultimate range of mixed seeds, which offer the highest level of nutrition for the birds, along with being garden friendly.

We offer a wide range of cage and aviary bird seed mixes. These mixes have been carefully tested to ensure that they suit a wide range of birds..

We have mixes for Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and more. We also have mixes for specific needs, such as breeding birds or molting birds. Whether you are looking for a basic mix or a specialty mix, we have what you need.

Frazers Feeds recognise the importance of quality nutrition for sheep and lambs.

A ewe with twin lambs has to work as hard as a high yielding dairy cow and so careful feeding is essential. Quality Lambs are capable of achieving high growth rates and performance provided good quality lamb diets are used.

Frazers Feeds supply an extensive range of nutritionally balanced and complete poultry feeds containing all the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure happy, healthy and well-nourished stock. We supply feeds for chicks, growing birds, layers, turkeys and all types of exhibition poultry.

We supply a range of highly palatable and nutritionally balanced game feeds in addition to a comprehensive choice of game cover. Our feeds are specially formulated using only the best quality ingredients and exacting levels of nutrition to ensure strong growth and optimal health.

Frazers Feeds produce a range of quality dairy feeds to match all feeding systems.

The feeds are formulated from top quality raw materials to suit all forages, breeds and preformance levels. This is coupled with a forage analysis service and Ultramix rationing programme to help produce the optimum feeding solution for your herd.

The key to profitable beef production is to achieve performance levels which suit the selected system.

This will be affected by the breed, sex and how intensive the system selected is. The feeding system and forage available will also determine the feeds selected. Frazers Feeds beef diets and feeding recommendations are designed to help meet the needs of these different systems.