Since 2005 Frazers Packaging has been handling and distributing a wide range of substances across both our industrial and food grade facilities. We recognise that every product has its own set of unique requirements and ensure that we are able to meet and adapt to any bespoke requirements.


Our efficient systems and experienced team create a service which delivers time and time again. Our dedication to detail, zero defect approach and supplier conformity ensure a comprehensive service that is second to none.

Fast turnaround to support emergency cover and short lead times.


Whether the goods originate in the UK (for export or for use in the domestic market), or are imported through one of the UK's or Irelands conventional or container ports, Frazers can provide a conveniently located packing facility, reducing expensive double handling costs.

All our sites offer extensive covered and open storage to accommodate both the raw materials and the finished packed products prior to onward distribution.

Examples of Frazers packing lines:

  • IBC polypropylene bags (spout and open necked bags, lined and unlined)
  • Plastic sacks (heat sealed or stitched and valve sacks) - 1kg - 25kg
  • Paper sacks (stitched) - 1kg - 25kg
  • Drums – 1l – 205l
  • All our sites can provide re-palletising and wrapping.
Fast Turnaround To Support Emergency
Cover and Short Lead Times


When re-packaging is required. There is an increased demand for this by our clients. This can be a result of packaging problems, either it has not travelled well or has received trauma during transit. Alternatively packaging changes may be required for a different market or a brand refresh.


CLP labelling is normally required on every inner and intermediate layer of the packaging of a substance or mixture; and may also be required on the outer packaging.

Examples of Frazers Labelling Services include:

  • CLP – Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures
  • CLP Compliant Printing
  • Can be designed into original barcode labels
  • Full pictograms printed in colour


Frazers Feeds are a proven provider of bulk liquid handling services for companies that make up the worldwide food and pharmaceutical industries. Meeting the needs of these complex and highly regulated industries, we rely on highly developed systems that operate on the foremost level of quality, safety and efficiency with the capability to provide global distribution solutions. Short Lead times and ability to change the process at a moment’s notice

Examples of Frazers Labelling Services include:

  • Full Production runs
  • Emergency Cover
  • New project startup
  • Additional Capacity requirements
  • Trial Runs and Pre Production Testing
  • Technical Support
  • 100% Batch Control & traceability
  • We fill from as small as 30ml to as large as 1000ltr
  • Extendable storage capacity to 30,000 sqft