Adenocaps for young bird sickness


Adenocaps – for young bird sickness in pigeons

New Adenocaps capsules are an immunomodulatory treatment for the control and prevention of young bird sickness in pigeons.
Adenocaps consist of a synergistic blend of immunoglobulins and selected crucifers, designed to enhance the immune system, particularly in the gut.
Contains immunoglobulins and selected crucifers to enhance natural immunity to illness
Capsule form for easy dosing
100 capsules per tub – costs from as little as 40p per treatment

At first signs of Young Bird Sickness – 1 capsule daily for 3-5 days.
During stress periods:
At weaning – 1 capsule daily for 2 days.
Before/after vaccination – 1 capsule.
Prior to basketing – 1 capsule
After training/racing – 1 capsule
Contains immunoglobulins 11.25mg/capsule and crucifers 238.75mg/capsule.

Adenocaps has been trialled for a period of more than two years in the north of England and Scotland. Fanciers have reported that whilst using the product on a regular basis, existing cases of Young Bird Sickness cleared very quickly and no new cases have been seen.


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