BIFS – Energetic Caps Endurance Capacity


Before the flight birds stock up grease in abundance to be able to produce energy during the flight.

Greases stocked up in the pectoral muscle supply the pigeon with energy for 70%.

These greases deliver twice as much energy than the same amount of sugars or proteins.

They are burnt by an aeroob biochemical process which doesn’t produce any lactic acid.

This prevents a rapid muscular exhaustion.

Contrary to migratory birds, a pigeon doesn’t notice that is put into a basket or cage and it doesn’t prepare its trip, so it’s up to the pigeon fancier to ensure this.

The essential fatty acids ( linoleic acid, linolene acid and arachidon acid) can’t be produced by the organism although they are indispensable for several physiological processes Energetic caps are a source of unsatisfied fatty acids, easily digestible by the organism and it allows an individual diet preparation.

This forced supply contributes to a supplementary endurance capacity for the pigeon.

It’s the ideal product for an individual preparation.

We advise to serve the pigeons 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening for two days preceeding the basketting.


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