BIFS – Puravital Liquid Herb Purifier


Puravital is a liquid herb mixture.

It’s a excellent kidney activator as purifying agent of the blood.

The vegetable extracts drain the residues of the fat metabolism.

It stimulate the organism in case of an accumulation of waste products in the blood or in cases of overfeeding.

In case of overfeeding(blue pectoral muscles) we advice puravital for 10 days.

Puravital relieves the liver and stimulates the renal functions. Because of its draining effect, it quickens the elimination of toxins.

You can give Puravital successfully during the moulting season, after major efforts in order to recuperate more quickly and during lack of condition.

Dosage: 10 ml / litre of drinking water. 4 days for quick recuperation. 10 days for moulting




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