BIFS – SB Special Micro Organism Protection


SB Special is a special combination of herb extracts.

It supports the immunity and increases the resistance.

It prevents the development of harmful organisms like streptococcus bovis.

Streptococcus present in 80% of pigeon droppings This bacterium causes sudden death among pigeons and it is responsible for symptoms comparable to those of paratyphoid.

This complicates the treatment since the antibiotics used against Salmonella are inactive to Streptococcus Bovis.

Our investigation has stimulated us to develop S B-Special, which offers a (preventative) protection against harmful micro-organisms.

Moreover, this special product stimulates the immune response of the organism and its regular use will prevent a lot of disappointment and discouragement.

Sb special contributes to a great extent to an improved resistance in the pigeon.

SB Special helps to improve the performance of racing pigeons and supports the general condition.

It is advisable to start the sporting season with a 10day treatment with a dose of 10ml per kg grains, followed by a maintenance treatment of the same dose once or twice a week.


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