BIFS – T-Cur Optimum Conditioning Formula 125ml


Since ages pigeon fanciers have liked to serve tea to their flyers. The use of herbs is not always practical since it needs some preparation. To make all these preparations redundant we have developed an easy to serve tea. These liquid extracts have been drawn from several plants. Moreover it also contains 2 substances known for their impact on the liver.

At the end of the flying season, the pigeon is physically tired by the many efforts and the big moulting will start. To make this happen perfectly, it is important to drain the toxic substances, accumulated during the season, first. The regular use of T-Cur during the moulting period brings a feathering of exceptional quality.

We do advise a 10 day treatment right before the start of the moulting period. If the fat content in the body is considerably high (cyanotic=blue muscles) the treatment has to be continued until the symptoms disappear. Normally this takes a fortnight. After that, go on with it for 1 or 2 days a week to maintain the well functioning of the liver.

T-Cur is an indispensable product in this sport because it adjusts the excess of nutrition which causes the so-called “blue skin”. Moreover it stimulates the conditioning in spring time (10day cure), it maintains an optimal condition during the flying season (once a week) and is strongly advisable with the least loss of condition (5 day cure).

T-Cur is served on a dose of 1 teaspoon per liter drinking water.

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