BIFS – Vigoramin Multivit & Amino


Vigoramine is a complex of vitamins, amino acids and oligo-elements, dosed very precisely. Pigeons mainly eat grains very low in vitamins.

Vitamins are very important in the metabolism of our pigeons and therefore essential for life.

Vitamins improve the performance in the breeding an the racing season and maintain the condition in winter.

Vigoramine contains all micronutritients to meet the daily needs without the risk of an overdose. Amino acids are the building bricks of proteins, on their turn the materials of life.

There are a few amino acids the pigeon can’t produce itself, which require an additional administration.

The content of absorbable amino acids must be as high as possible to obtain a high biological value.

The oligo-elements stimulate the growth and the fertility and improve the racing performances.

It is recommendable to use the vitamin supplement throughout the year by adding one spoonful per kg grains, once a week.

In stress situations, breeding, moult and in the racing season, it can be administered daily.


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