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The digestive system of birds is very important to increase the resistance against infections as it is one big access road for several bacteria such as Salmonella, Colibacilli, Streptococcus etc.

Fortunately there are substances able to increase the resistance. That’s why these substances are used more and more in industrial breeding of poultry to counteract diseases like Salmonella.

Lots of pigeon fanciers regularly serve apple vinegar to their pigeons. Apple vinegar is good for the human physiology since it plays an important role/part in the cholesterol housekeeping.

The answer to the question if pigeons too have cholesterol problems is NO. Vior has especially been developed for pigeons.

This product is the result of numerous tests by nutrition experts. Vior is a 100% natural product based on extracts of plants.

These extracts have been created by mixing plants with week acids of which the pH-value has been calculated according to the digestive system of the pigeons in order to get an optimum functioning.

Vior however, has got more to offer. It’s a source of oligo-elements (substances and minerals which are easily absorbed by the blood).

It is very rich in iron, which plays an important role in the metabolism of pigeons. Ion is the building material of the haemoglobin in the red blood cell.

Via the haemoglobin the oxygen transport in the body is monitored. The oxygen plays a major part in the functioning of the muscles.

Advantageously Vior contains iron in organic form easily to be absorbed by the body which is not the case with other nutrition supplements.

Moreover it also contains silicic acid which is essential for the plumage of the pigeons. Therefore it is rather important to serve Vior regularly with the drinking water to get an excellent plumage.

During moulting time it is necessary to serve Vior daily in the drinking water. At the start of the flying season it is advisable to do this for a fortnight and twice a week afterwards.

It is also important to serve Vior to the young in the nest to stimulate the acidification of the crop.

Starting the training of young pigeons, Vior is indispensable because of the acidification of crop and gland stomach the starting of the adenovirus is prevented.

Research has shown that Vior suppresses the development of cancker and the increase of coccidiosis.

It has been proven that Vior improves the general condition of the pigeons by making the breast more pink and shiny, the feather more shiny and by improving the sporting achievements.

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