BIFS – Vitamolt Moulting Vitamins 500ml


The moulting period is a very important period for the pigeon and demands the supply of specific set up compound of nutrients.

By studying the composition of the feathers Vitamolt has been developed to meet the specific needs, definitely not to be a phenomenon of fashion.

It also offers a higher concentration of methionin.

Vitamolt enriches the ration by adding a supplement of vitamins and sulphuric amino acids, biotine and choline which are essential for the making and building of a quality feather.

Methionine is a essential amino-acid the pigeon can’t produce itself.

Sulphuric acids like methionin are essential for the production of keratine,  the basic element for skin and feathers.

A shortness results in anemia, growrestraints from the youngs, moulting problems and bad performance.

Choline and biotine have a central function in the regulation of the fat and protein metabolism.

Vitamolt can be added to the drinking water just a spoonful per litre water.

To avoid degrading by staying too long in the drinking water, we advise a dose of 1 spoonful (15ml) per kg grains, sprinkled with 15gr Vigoramine.

Repeat this 2 to 3 times a week during the moulting period.


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