Duo Deal Med. Tollyamin Forte & Frazer Forte 1000ml


Frazer Forte is a convenient and effective method of delivering essential ingredients to help achieve prime health and immune status effectively.

Helps combat digestive problems and aids intestinal health.
Amino acids support liver function helping overall metabolism.
Contains a patented blend of essential oils to promote pathogenic exclusion.
Optimises metabolism for better performance.

Betain 66g
Safmannan 133g
PulmoCX 133g
GlucoSURE 200g
Vitamin B1 830mg
Vitamin B2 415mg
Vitamin B6 135mg
Vitamin B12 830mcg
Calcium 445mg
Folic Acid 110mcg
Biotin 2665mcg
Niacin 1110mg
Sorbitol 80g
Excip Ad. 133g




Tollyamin Forte

Content: 1000 ml

Amino acids (L-methionine – L-lysine)
Tollyamin contains high doses of amino acids, electrolytes and B vitamins in an optimized mixture ratio. Because of its composition you can utilize Tollyamin all year round, during the racing season, when breeding and during the moult.

Categories: Amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, protein, metabolism, Parakeets, canaries, parrots

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