Frazers Tea 1000ml


Frazers Tea has been specially formulated based on the experience of top nutritionists and homeopathic consultants.

It consists of over 30 different, plants, herbs, leaves, roots and blossoms.

Frazers Tea has a blood cleansing, strengthening, appetite stimulating effect.

Main Ingredients:

Aesculus Gtr, Celandine, Avena Satvia Gtr, Plantain, Blackberry, Hazel, Caraway Seed, Licorice, Crataegus, Marigold, Devils Claw, Milfoil, Tansy, Echinacea, Milk Thistle, Garlic, Nettle, Mullein, Ginko Biloba, Oregano, White Ginseng, Wormwood, Wild Thyme, Dead Nettle, Thuja, Sage, Sarsaperilla Root, St Johns Wort, Spirulina.

Directions for use:
10ml of Frazers Tea per litre of drinking water once or twice a week.




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