Fresan – Intestinal Stabiliser Pigeon Poultry 300g


Fresan stabilises the gut microbiota and boosts the gut barrier integrity.

This integrated approach is a powerful formula deigned to improve performance.

A strong gut barrier function is key in maintaining good health.

In a healthy gut the increased intestinal villi surface area leads to better absorption of nutrients.

Furthermore, application of Fresan results in higher gut expression of the most important tight junction proteins, thereby boosting gut barrier integrity.

Supporting intestinal health is teamwork as the microbes present inside the gut and the gut barrier function continuously interact.

For strong, consistent intestinal support it is important to take them both into account.

Fresan delivers an integrated approach which may stabilise microbiota and boosts gut wall integrity.

Instructions for Use:
Fresan shoud be added to the food at a a rate of 2 gramms to 1 kg of grain after moistening with a seed oil, eg Cold Pressed Flax Oil at a rate of 1-2 ml/kg.


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