Hemp Oil 500ml Food Grade Virgin Cold Pressed


Our hemp oil is locally produced from the finest quality cold pressed home grown hemp seed, pressed at a low temperature, which means that the hemp seeds have been pressed at below 35oC and it hasn’t been through a chemical refining process.

This ‘cold press’ method of production ensures none of the valuable fatty acids are destroyed. Our hemp oil is regarded as one of nature’s most perfectly balanced oils boasting an impressive specification that includes Omega 3, 6 and 9 E.F.A amino acids, and a rich source of vitamin E.

Hemp oil can also be used when the bird are moulting to help push out feathers, and to encourage the moult especially with the darkness system.

This oil is ideal for supplementing a pet diet. Hemp oil has been proven to help with skin and coat.

The GLA Omega 6 fatty acids has been proven to reduce joint inflammation and so can reduce pain and make movements easier.


10ml per kg of feeding.

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Weight 1 kg