HerbX Patented Plant Derived Coccidia Control


Coccidiosis is the name given to a group of closely related diseases caused by a single-celled (protozoan) parasite called Eimeria. Eimeria species develop inside cells lining the intestine. As the parasites reproduce they cause bleeding and massive swelling of the gut. This leads to a huge loss of liquid and the bird is unable to absorb the nutrients from its food.

Herb X works in a different way to other coccidiostats as it is not a chemical that poisons the coccidian.

Herb X contains essential oils that are attracted to the coccidian and sourround them in the oil prohibiting their action and killing the coccidian.

Can be added to the food at a rate of 2 grams to 1 kg of grain after moistening with a seed oil, eg Cold Pressed Flax Oil at a rate of 1-2 ml/kg.


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