Megazorb Bedding 85L


Megazorb is a highly absorbent animal and horse bedding that is manufactured from virgin wood pulp, a by-product of the paper making industry.
100% Natural Virgin Wood Pulp Fibre
Super absorbent
Ideal for rubber mats
Twice dust extracted, ideal for horses with respiratory problems
Absorbs stable odours
Cost effective bedding choice
Megazorb Original Bedding is also a popular bedding choice for small animal owners. Megazorb is safe for rabbits, guinea pigs and a wide range of other small pets.

Biodegradable and super absorbent, when used in the stable, this product will drastically reduce the time and cost of mucking out and the size of the muck heap. Plus it’s easy on the environment too.

The wood pulp is high temperature dried to kill any mould or spores then dust extracted twice, making it the ideal choice for horses with respiratory problems.

Please Note: Megazorb is also a popular bedding choice for small animal owners. However it sometimes has strong odour which is due to a natural variation in the product, which can differ from time to time in density

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