Frazers Moulting Plus 25kg


Barley, Dari Red, Dari White, Linseed, Maize Large Yellow, Maize Ruby Oats Peeled, Peas Green/Blue, Peas Maple, Peas Yellow, Safflower Seed, Sunflower Seed, Tares,  Wheat, Rapeseed, Hemp, Mungs and FrazerForm.

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A combination of essential grains and oil rich seeds to aid the bird thought this most important stage of the year for a faultless moult.

This quality balanced diet is formulated to give them the boost needed for the breeding and racing season ahead now with added FrazerForm!

FrazerForm is a compound of high energy fats and oils, vegetable protein, yeast, cod liver oil, eel oil, salmon oil, hemp oil, wheatgerm oil, cider apple vinegar, malt extract, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, plus trace elements, Rainbow Feathercare all mixed into a pinhead oatmeal base.

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