NAZALINE Drops Authentic Belgium


NAZALINE is a natural product without antibiotics that removes the troublesome head-slime from pigeons.

Contains natural extracts and essential oils that improves breathing;
Controls effectively infections caused by other pathogens;
Replace other products based on powders to put in the throat of the birds, just using a drop in each nostril.
A potent disinfectant and mucus cleaner caused by the accumulation of dust and pollen, bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses lodged in the upper respiratory tract of birds and increases its power when administered in combination with ANTI-CORYZA BRUX.

NAZALINE is the product that any fancier must have available in his loft.

With frequent use of NAZALINE your pigeons:

Will fly better, faster and higher;
Reaches optimal oxygen;
Will reduce fatigue during flight;
Will stop flying with open mouth;
TOP prizes at all distances.

14 days before mating breeders;
1 week before race-season starts;
Every 15 days in the return of the race.

1 drop NAZALINE into each nostril – don’t need to massage. Take the pigeon into a basket or box. After 10-15 minutes press the nose-warts with your fingers. Excess of mucus can be removed with a cotton bud out of nose and throat.
The results are visible in more sensitive pigeons after 5-10 minutes. Do not worry if you see some pigeons with some hard reactions, in a short time it will return to normal.

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