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Omega Chamomile

A common herb with a relaxing influence on nerves, digestion and skin

Chamomile is a well-known herb used by humans for aiding restful sleep. A pretty plant with white flowers and feathery leaves, it is also beneficial for horse health too. It has the same relaxing properties for a horse as it does a human, soothing both the nervous and digestive systems. This is particularly relevant for horses who are of an anxious nature and/or produce loose droppings.

Feeding chamomile to your horse has a number of benefits, which include:

Safety and naturally calming an anxious or stressed horse by providing support to the nervous system
Soothing and relaxing the stomach, ensuring that horses can effectively digest and absorb nutrients
Benefiting muscle and bone support thanks to the levels of magnesium phosphate, calcium phosphate and potassium phosphate, which are naturally found in the herb
Chamomile is generally fed as a dry food supplement. However, when added to warm water to create a tea, it can also be used to bathe skin. Flavonoids and essential oils in chamomile penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and efficiently soothe.
Highly palatable, Omega Equine’s Chamomile is sourced from a human grade supplier in the UK. This ensures a fresh and delicious product which is safe for both leisure horses and those in competition. Feed daily and enjoy your horse’s new, calmer approach to life.

Chamomile powder

Feeding Instructions:

Horses – 30g per day

Ponies – 20g per day

Do not feed pregnant mares

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