Omega Electrolytes 1.5kg


Omega Electrolyte

Electrolytes contain vital ingredients to support your horses Electrolyte balance when under stress or whilst in work.

Key Advantages:

Suitable for all horses and ponies
Replaces Key Salts after sweating
Speeds recovery from physical exertion
Functions as a “sports drink” for electrolyte balance.
About the product:

Whether your horse is in work or rest, they can benefit highly from electrolytes as they contain vital ingredients to keep them healthy when under stress or while carrying out work. The supplement simply replaces electrolytes that are lost during exercise or work to keep them on form. When they are lost, this is a common reason for poor performance.

All of the products we supply are safe for consumption so that you can feel reassured that what you are feeding to your horse will only help and not hinder them. Our electrolyte products are gentle on the stomach to make sure no discomfort is caused. The supplements will help your horse to remain at its current standard during times where it otherwise may start to lag behind.

Commonly, electrolyte supplements in food can put horses off from eating. HOWEVER, we use a unique formulation so that this is not an issue.


Crude protein 0.20%
Crude fibre
Crude oils and fats 0.20%
Crude ash 97.10%
Sodium 32.10%

Sodium Chloride
Chloride E508
Calcium Lactate
Silicon Dioxide
Magnesium Animo Acid Chelate

To help the environment all of our pots can be recycled!

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Weight 1.5 kg