Omega Vitality 1.5kg


Omega Vitality

A collection of super food ingredients brought together for optimum equine health   

Omega Vitality is one of our most popular products for good reason. A natural supplement bursting with super food ingredients, it’s a great way to keep horses healthy, support the immune system and maintain general wellbeing.

A carefully curated ingredients list ensures a huge number of essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, antioxidants, enzymes, omega fatty acids and plant sterols, all sourced from natural foods.

Ingredients key to the success of this supplement are:

  • Sea buckthorn – a super fruit full omega fatty acids. These maintain healthy skin and hooves, and provide mental, digestive, reproductive, pulmonary and joint support Sea Buckthorn also contains numerous amino acids, vitamins, folic acid, over 60 antioxidants, a variety of minerals and healthy fatty acids, supporting the natural health of almost every major system in the body
  • Aloe Vera – a plant packed with vitamins which support the skincoateyes and brain. It also contains folic acid, useful during pregnancy and for the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. Rich in minerals, aloe vera aids healthy bones and the immune system
  • Moringa leaf – an impressive source of protein and vitamins useful for maintaining immune, bone and skin health. Moringa is packed with over 90 active compounds which hugely support overall health
  • Turmeric – a popular spice used to support jointsskin and digestion. It is commonly known to maintain liver health and toxicity, and has been linked to supporting antioxidant mechanisms, so antioxidants are used effectively in the body
  • Flax seed – high in omega 3 fatty acids, flax seed helps maintain healthy skin and joints. Alongside this, it supports the immune system and can aid healthy thyroid function.
  • Tart Cherry – a tiny red fruit loaded with important nutrients, including plant compounds, antioxidants and vitamin C. It is useful for maintaining a strong immune systemaiding exercise recovery and supporting sore muscles. It has also been linked to sustaining a healthy heart.

A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables is as good for our horse as it is us. Absorbing essential nutrients from natural ingredients is far better than gaining them from artificial sources. Omega Vitality does what it says on the tin, giving horses the vitality they need to perform at their best, all from a range of carefully chosen super food ingredients.


Available in 1.5kg and 3kg quantities.

Crude protein 18%
Crude fibre 6%
Crude oils and fats 21.20%
Crude ash 6.60%
Sodium 0.16%

Flaxseed Meal
Moringa Leaf powder
Sea Buckthorn powder
Aloe Vera
Tart Cherry powder
Calcium Carbonate

Contains complementary feed ingredient with natural antioxidant capability.

To help the environment all of our pots can be recycled!

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