NEW PRODUCT P3 Soluble – Probiotic 300g


P3 Soluble

P3 soluble is a specific probiotic formulation for drinking water application.  Contains a Lactic Acid bacteria registered and authorised in Europe for all avian.

Feeding P3 soluble Probiotic results in an optimal intestinal balance, which is reflected in bird’s health status and performance.


P3 Soluble Specific Properties

More Energy – through exclusive and efficient production of L+ Lactic Acid from different carbohydrate substrates.

Improved Digestive Security – through positive lactic flora stimulation in the GI tract.

Maintained activity within the digestive tract – Appling P3 ensures excellent dispersion, suspension, and stability in the drinking water.


Directions for Use

Ensure all drinking equipment is clean. (The use of Frazer Guard is recommended).

P3 soluble should be prepared every day at a rate of

  • 5g per 1 litre of tepid drinking water


Important!! Make sure to add the powder to the water not vice versa.

It is advised to be fed at least 2-3 days per week, but for best results it is recommended to be used in the water every day.



  • DO NOT add P3 Soluble into the header tank (Avoids Biofilm formation)
  • Stop all other water treatments with peroxides
  • Do not combine with other treatments through drinking water

Additional information

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