Reviva High Performance Electrolyte


Reviva is a water-soluble high performance electrolyte specially formulated for Racing Pigeons.

It is designed to be administered after racing to provide the pigeon with rapid re-hydration and an
important combination of rapidly available energy, essential salts and vitamins.

Reviva contains per kg:
Vitamin A 840.000 IU
Vitamin D3 18.000 IU
Vitamin E 2.700 IU
Vitamin C 8.500 mg
ß-carotene 200 mg
Calcium 45 g

Dextrose, Whey powder, Readily available Calcium, Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals and Organicaly bound trace elements.

Instructions for use:
Mix 25g Reviva in 500ml of warm water. Allow to cool and add to drinking water as required.
This will produce enough for 2 litres of drinking water.


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