Versele Laga Breed & Wean Extra Fill 22kg


High-quality mixture for youngsters
Protein-rich mixture, perfect for raising youngsters and continue feeding after the weaning.
Mixture without maize for breeding youngsters.
Protein-rich for an ideal growth of the young.
In combination with with Success Corn I.C.+, Energy Corn I.C.+ or Mixed Corn I.C.+, depending on the season.


Maple peas 30%, Tares 14%, White pigeon wheat 14%, Yellow dari 10.5%, Red dari 17.5%, Safflower 14%, Mung beans 2%

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 15.5%, Crude fat 5.5%, Crude fibre 6.5%, Crude ash 2.5%

Additional information

Weight 25 kg