BIFS – Oligofertil Fertility & Metabolism 500ml


Oligofertil is a drinkable mineral solution which supplies the pigeons, calcium, phosphor, oligo- elements and essential amino acids.

The formula of this solution has especially been studied to ensure the digestive flora of the pigeon by considering the acidbase balance.

Oligofertil prevents lacks of minerals and therefore aberration of the skeleton and the feet, growthrestraints, weak eggshell and lacks of oligo elements for the embryo.

The added oligo elements ensure well functioning of the numerous glands and enzymes and thus a stimulating functioning to the pigeons.

We advise a starting period (5 days ) with each day 1 spoonful (15ml) per litre water. Then we maintain the same dose once or twice a week.

It is very important to add Oligofertil during the chasing of the cock-pigeons because some of the males can be so passionate and do not give the females enough opportunity to feed as they should.

The intake of Oligofertil via the drinking water guarantees an excellent fertility and a perfect growth for the youngsters.


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